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First of all, let it be known that you don’t have to worry about posing for your engagement session with me! I’m here to make sure you have fun, feel comfortable in front of the camera, and know where to place your arms. There’s absolutely no need to stress over any of that, and I have you covered. But, if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, I thought it’d be fun to feature a few of my favorite engagement photo poses on the blog for you to check out.

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And of course, if you have something else in mind, I’m all ears! I’m down for adventure and authentic storytelling through photography. Let’s have some fun celebrating and documenting this exciting chapter of your life. It’s easy to get swept up in the wedding planning (I’m right there with ya!) but don’t forget to pause and cherish this short but oh, so sweet engagement stage you’re in. 

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Your engagement photos are probably some of the first professional photos you have together, so let’s do them up right! We can head to a scenic park, botanic garden, local brewery, downtown market, or wherever your heart desires. And if you’re like me and home is where the heart is, you don’t have to go anywhere at all. Lifestyle photography is my specialty. When I’m not photographing weddings, you can usually find me photographing intimate in-home sessions like Steph and Austin’s home engagement shoot.

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engagement photo poses

And without further ado, here are a few of my favorite engagement photo poses to try for your session:

Rachel’s Top 5 Engagement Photos Poses 

Living Room Floor Play

When’s the last time you two sat on the floor and played like kids? You’ve been missing out if you haven’t tried it! This one is simple: chat, exchange inside jokes, laugh, play, snuggle, kiss—whatever feels natural to you. I’ll ask a few questions and direct your posing at first to get the ball rolling. You’ll feel like a natural in no time, and these shots always come out so well! They’re a great representation of your chemistry and connection as a couple. They feel real, playful, and romantic. The result is kind of a fly-on-the-wall perspective into your everyday, easygoing romance.

Not at home? You can easily do this at a park or public outdoor area, too. All we need is some soft grass and maybe a blanket.

engagement photo poses
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Rachel Wehan Photography
at home engagement photos

Kitchen Counter Kisses

You’ve probably seen these before, but I like to take an in-the-moment approach. I don’t want them to seem overly posed, so I’ll direct you a bit, and then let you take the reins. 

If we’re out on the town, you can get these shots atop a local bar (with their permission), a high wall along a walkway, public benches, etc. You’d be surprised at how many spots work for these poses.

lifestyle photography
couple's photos; engagement session
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engagement photo ideas; at home engagement session

Barefoot Dancin’

You can’t have a couple’s photoshoot without a twirl or two. Let’s crank up the music and show off those dance moves—or learn some new ones! We can incorporate dancing poses at just about any photo location (barring maybe indoor public spaces).

Rachel Wehan Photography Pennsylvania
lifestyle engagement session
engagement photo poses
engagement photo ideas

Coffee Date (or beer or wine)

It’s easy to let loose and be yourselves when you’re relaxed and doing something you enjoy. Whether you enjoy a good latte or a local IPA, we can take your shoot to a meaningful location with great conversation. These photos will be such a sweet reminder of the first chapter of your lives together. Let the memories come flooding back every time you pull out the photo album.

The Coffee Roasters Mt. Lebanon Beverly Road engagement photos
Beverly Road coffee shops
Beverly Road; Mt. Lebanon
Bado's Pizza Grill & Ale House Mt. Lebanon; engagement photos; engagement photo poses; PA photographers
Bado's Pizza Grill & Ale House Mt. Lebanon; engagement photos; engagement photo poses; PA photographers
Fat Head's Brewery Mt. Lebanon
Bado's Pizza Grill & Ale House Mt. Lebanon; engagement photos; engagement photo poses; PA photographers

Made You Laugh!

You can bet I’m going to capture you mid-laugh at multiple points in your session. I can’t help it—these are just too sweet not so share. But unlike your mom, I promise to catch you at just the right moment. No blinking eyes, wonky necks, or awkward arms here! These are all natural, yet carefully timed from the best angle. You’re gonna love ‘em!

engagement photo poses
engagement photo poses
Mediterra Cafe Mt. Lebanon engagement session
Bado's Pizza Grill & Ale House Mt. Lebanon; engagement photos; engagement photo poses; PA photographers

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