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Unlike most photographers, I didn’t get my first camera at age 5. But now I always carry a camera with me when traveling to capture memories. One day, I set up a free shoot with a couple I knew and fell in LOVE WITH LOVE! Capturing real, organic, emotions between couples on some of the most important days of their lives feels like a dream... and I have a feeling it always will.

my name is rachel and I am in love with love.

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on my bucket list

walks with my boyfriend

Discovering new places around Dormont, walking to get coffee or rewarding our walk with ice cream

 anytime of day or night, with a spoon, on toast, inside pretzels, crunchy or smooth... I don’t discriminate

peanut butter

anything with a charcuterie board and red wine. If they have tiramisu it’s an added bonus

trying new restaurants

never repeating the same location twice, mountains & hiking or new cities are preferred


After my first free shoot, I was an absolute goner. The idea of capturing pure moments between two people in love that they would one day be able to show their grandkids sold me on this being the career for me. The more I've learned, the more I've fallen in love with it. If you're worried about feeling awkward in front of the camera, you can throw those worries out the window. I promise as soon as we meet up, I will prompt you every step of the way so you won't ever have to worry about where to put your hands. 

I bring music when I can and we can play the music you love the most! Your photos will feel like you're on a date with me as a third wheel. This is about your love story. Whether there was a moment you knew your fiancé was "the one," or if it was a love that burned slowly over time, the way I capture your love will be true to your love story, and your love story alone. During the planning process, I'll take the utmost care in getting to know you both, so that come your special day, it comes second-nature to you. 

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visit & explore greece

ride a camel in the desert

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