I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and have no plans to leave, outside of traveling. I am 1 of 3 daughters, a girlfriend to Dave, and an Aunt to two amazing kiddos. Gift giving and overly expressive texts are my love language, and I am addicted to gum. I have no idea what Enneagram I am because I can't remember, but I feel like I fit into multiple groups. I enjoy "me time" more than most, but you won't find me hiding in the corner at a social gathering. In fact, I'm normally joining your guests on the dance floor while taking photos.

I'm Rachel, a 5'3" accountant turned wedding photographer.


Hey There!

Human connection
Experience over production
prompted over posed

My Approach

I started photography because I love meeting new people and helping them relive days that make them happy, not to pay the bills. I don't just 'go through the motions' to get the Instagram perfect photo. It's important for me to be more than just a photographer. In addition to your friend, I want to be your best resource for all things wedding. I want to help you with locations, timelines, details to include, and help you decide if you should do a first look or not. I will not just take your payment and show up on your wedding day, I promise I will be your guide through it all.

To be completely honest, I'm not like all the rest.

My goal is to capture you just as you are, whether you're traditional or non-traditional, because your story is unique and shouldn't look like everyone else's. Every session is an experience unique to you. I want to know what you're all about and how we can best capture that. I want to photograph you in a location that feels like home to you or represents something about your story. The more I know about you - the more I can capture YOU instead of just a pretty picture.

My approach to preserving your legacy...

The face behind Rachel Wehan Photography

Let's have some fun!

Working With Me