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If you’re looking for at home engagement ideas that feel nostalgic, cozy, an intimate, you might consider a lifestyle engagement shoot at your home or your childhood home—or both! I recently had the joy of photographing an engagement session for Jody and Aaron, and I’m in love with the lifestyle look.

“There are things about your childhood you hold onto because they were so much a part of you. The place you went, the people you knew.”

-The Wonder Years

This particular session was especially meaningful because we took the photos starting at Aaron’s parents’ house and ended at their home with their pets Dale and Roger (I love that they have human names!). Their dog Dale was all about the photoshoot, but in true cat fashion, Roger definitely had some reservations. The furry duo kept us laughing with their antics, which offered even more photo opportunities. We had a wonderful time shooting at their private homes with a relaxed atmosphere. A home session gives off a completely different vibe than shooting at a public location.

At Home Engagement Ideas

5 Reasons to Do an At-Home Engagement Session

Meaningful Backdrop

When you take your engagement photos at your childhood home or at your current home, the photos feel even more meaningful. This is a location that the two of you treasure dearly. It’s the home you’ve built together, and your childhood home is one of fond memories. Either way, the photos will be a wonderful reminder of how much the home means to you both.

Authentic Photos

Sometimes, it is difficult to find a photoshoot location that truly connects with both people. When you shoot at your home, the photos feel real and authentic because you are both comfortable. You are connected to each other and the location, and it’s easy to be yourselves without onlookers staring in on you. Your photos will capture your true love for each other instead of feeling awkward and forced.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Feel a little camera shy? An engagement session at home will help you feel at ease in a private space you know and love. You don’t have to feel like you are performing out in public when strangers might walk by, and you don’t have to worry about the location feeling inauthentic. Many couples end up taking photos in a random photogenic spot they found online. While the photos may turn out beautifully, they often look back and think, “Where was that again?”

Be Yourselves

Does your daily wardrobe consist of flowy dresses and wedges? If that’s not really your jam, then an at-home photo session might be the way to go! When shooting at home, you don’t feel the need to dress up in extravagant outfits. You can just wear whatever makes you feel relaxed and comfortable (that you don’t mind being photographed in). Many couples feel most like themselves wearing jeans and a cozy sweater by the fireplace.

You can make your at-home session fit your personal look and style without feeling the need to look “Instagram worthy.” Ironically, the sexy boyfriend flannel shirts and boxer look is very trendy and ends up looking photo worthy anyway! But do it for yourselves—not the ‘gram. If you want try something different together and go for a super intimate shoot, your home is a great place to do it! I always love how these fun and flirty photos come out—and you will, too. Dance around the kitchen, do yoga together, play with your pets. Do what makes you happy!

Tell Your Love Story from the Beginning

An at-home photo session ensures that you have documentation of the beginning of your love story together. These photos showcase a location that is filled with so many memories that you two will treasure for years to come, especially after you move on from your first home or apartment. They will also be extra meaningful to show your family or future children how it all began (maybe without the flirty shots)!

Book Your Lifestyle Home Engagement Session with Rachel Wehan Photography

At-home photo sessions are quickly becoming the new trend in engagement photography. They are easy, comfortable, and authentic—a true representation of each couple. You are sure to find elegance in the simplicity of these photos that you will cherish for a lifetime. I had such a wonderful experience photographing Jody and Aaron, and I cannot wait to shoot their Pittsburgh wedding day in May 2022!

Need More At Home Engagement Ideas?

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