How to Plan the Perfect Couples Photoshoot

There’s nothing like a magical snow day to make you feel like a kid again. After buying their first home together in 2020, Kevin and Courtney decided it was about time to get some professional photos. But professional doesn’t mean boring! For their winter wonderland couples photoshoot, I had them running, spinning, and playing the whole time.

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Kevin + Courtney’s Snowy Couples Session

At first, Kevin wasn’t thrilled about taking photos in the chilling twenty-degree weather when he could be cozied up watching football instead. But we had him laughing in no time – with the promise we would get him back before the game started.

I can always count on a good time with these two. We turned up the music in the middle of the park, and Kevin and Courtney danced their way down the sidewalk like no one was watching.

While we got lots of romantic shots, these two are also the best of friends. Kevin knows just what to say to make Courtney laugh – like loudly telling strangers that she’s his sister and then swooping her up into a big hug. After all, no one believed him when they saw the way he looked at her. I hope we can all enjoy life in the moment as much as these two do!

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couples photoshoot rachel wehan photography engagement photos

How to Plan the Perfect Couples Photoshoot

Here are my top 3 tips for getting gorgeous couple’s photos:

1. Plan the Location

The location sets the tone for the session. For instance, Courtney and Kevin wanted a unique variety of playful and romantic images, with a few wall-worthy portraits thrown into the mix. This snowy park scene was the perfect backdrop for their vision. On the other hand, an at-home lifestyle session typically conveys cozy, intimate vibes. I’ve done backyard, downtown, and rooftop sessions, too – check ‘em out here.

The most important thing is to pick a place that authentically represents you and your relationship. Where is your happy place? Where will you have the most fun and show off the most authentic smiles?

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2. Coordinate, Don’t Match

It probably goes without saying, but complementary or coordinating outfits look a heck of a lot better than being matchy-matchy (you don’t actually want to look like siblings – ahem, Kevin). Courtney and Kevin did a fantastic job of coordinating with black – which looked striking against the snow! – but then he chose a vest while she wore a beautiful tan sherpa coat. Perfect – but not too perfect.

snowy couples photoshoot winter session Rachel Wehan Photography

3. Roll with It

Most importantly, just have fun. Don’t worry too much about striking the perfect pose. That’s my job. I just want you to do your thing while I gently guide the session. This session flew by as we turned on some tunes and simply enjoyed the perfect snow day. I helped them find their groove and made a few positioning tweaks here and there, but for the most part, this session was 100% Kevin and Courtney having fun. Think of your session as a date rather than a formal photoshoot – thankfully, stiff poses are things of the past.

couples photoshoot Rachel Wehan Photography winter engagement shoot

Ready to have some fun? Book Your Couples Photoshoot.

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