5 Reasons to Build in Extra Time for Photos on Your Wedding Day

It’s easy to think about what kinds of couple’s portraits and “big moment” shots you will want on your wedding day, but there are many other small details and priceless unexpected moments you may not be able to anticipate. Instead of stressing over a shot list (I got you!), I’d encourage you to work with me to create a timeline that allows those extraordinary moments to unfold organically on your big day. 

5 Reasons to Build in Extra Time for Photos on Your Wedding Day

Here are a few reasons to build flexibility for photos into your wedding day timeline: 

1. Authentically photograph the day.

Instead of running through a shot list on a tight schedule, building in extra transition time means less hustle and stress for you and more time to really savor each moment. You have time to enjoy each part of your wedding day to the fullest rather than checking off a list of tasks or racing to the next thing. As your photographer, I’ll be able to get more of those heart-tugging candid shots in each transition. You’re more likely to have a smile on your face when you aren’t rushed. 

If you can’t build extra time into your timeline, you might consider cutting something out so you remember the experience, not the stress from your big day. I am more than happy to help with that! Together, we can build a timeline that fits your needs, budget, and priorities. 

2. More room for priceless moments to unfold.

That said, you can’t force precious moments to happen. Sometimes you just have to let them come to you—and be willing to pause and embrace them as they come. Brittany made sure there was plenty of getting ready time to do a first look with her dad, and those were some of the sweetest photos of the entire day! The two of them will treasure these photos forever.

3. Don’t miss the rare opportunity.

Your wedding day is 100% for you! So do your thing, and get all the couple’s portraits. But if you have a large wedding, this is a rare occasion where your nearest and dearest are all together in one place—and looking their best, too! As much as we’d love to visit our family members and close friends more, sometimes life just gets in the way. Plus, when friends and family do find the time to gather, there’s usually not a professional photographer on hand to get it on camera. Your wedding day is a fantastic opportunity to beautifully document the multi-generational gathering with those you love most. Take advantage of your sweet time together!

4. Cherish the connections.

Within our close circle of friends and family, each special relationship tends to look a bit different. Don’t be shy to let those authentic connections show on your wedding day. Tell the inside jokes, do the silly handshake, give the kisses, and hug a little longer. These intimate interactions make incredible photos that reveal your special bonds with each person. Emotive snapshots are often the most loved images by couples from their wedding day.

5. Document the many milestones and traditions.

Your wedding day commemorates your marriage first and foremost. But there are many other milestones to capture on your wedding day, too. If you have young kiddos in your wedding, they will be older and taller before you know it! Or maybe you have grandparents in attendance. Your wedding day is an extension of their legacy—the continuation of a family! There are so many beautiful cultural, traditional, and familial components that make each wedding unique and special. 

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