5 Reasons to Pick a Meaningful Engagement Photo Location

When it comes to romantic, fun, and flirty engagement portraits—let’s get out there and do something fun! As they say, the world is your oyster. But where to go? There are so many options! I’m more than happy to recommend some of the most photogenic engagement photo locations around Pittsburgh, and you can peruse the blog for ideas too. But I just love it when couples come to me with a meaningful place in mind. 

Brittany and Andrew merged their passions together. This gorgeous fashionista was more than happy to accompany him in the cozy cockpit of a prop plane—as long as he was down for coffee and shopping near The Strand. Both photo sets fit them perfectly! I love the photo variety as the switched from fun and adventurous to a night on the town. 

I’m so in love with their images because they truly reflect who they are both as a couple and as individuals as the embark on their new life together. Stay tuned for the wedding this fall!

So, if you’re stuck on locations and just can’t choose, I encourage you to think about places that hold meaning to you. Consider places like:

  • your favorite date spot
  • the place you meet on your lunch hour
  • the park where you walk the pups
  • a hobby you enjoy together
  • your home or apartment

5 Reasons to Pick a Meaningful Engagement Photo Location

1. Provide context for your story together.

Sometimes you get the most epic shots in the most ordinary places. While the location you choose may seem like the backdrop for everyday life, it is actually the magical setting of your story together! Your first chapter and worth documenting authentically—I promise you’ll thank me later!

2. It feels more natural.

You’ll feel more relaxed in your natural element. And when you feel at ease, you’re able to have more fun together and get those awesomely candid shots that look like they came out of a movie. Don’t worry about posing. I’ll guide you when the time comes. For the most part, I want to photography you doing your thing and spending quality time together.

3. Photograph the real you.

On that same note, most of my favorite shots happen in the “in-between”—those moments when you share an inside joke between poses or do something goofy as we’re transitioning. Those are pure magic. Sure, we’ll get lots of great still shots with guided poses, but I have a feeling you’ll fall in love with the images that capture the truest versions of yourselves.

4. Built-in props.

There are so many built-in elements with meaningful locations. For instance, maybe you want to bring along your favorite four-legged family member. Let’s head to the park and bring along a toy or stick for fetch.

These airplane themed engagement photos are amazing! We were able to get all kinds of shots with this romantic prop plane like kisses in the cockpit.

If we head to your favorite café, coffee shop, or brewery, the options are endless. For at home sessions, bring out the pillows, blankets, and coffee mugs. Plants, stairs, and cozy loveseats make great setups, too!

5. You’ll appreciate the memories.

Crazy enough, while you make be in the thick of wedding planning or drifting on Cloud 9 as a newly-engaged couple, this stage is fleeting. More adventures and milestones are just around the corner. When you take photos at a meaningful location, it’ll help solidify those memories for years to come. A decade from now, you can look back at these and see your story unfold, starting from that little café, airstrip, or apartment where it all begin!

Have an Engagement Photo Location in Mind?

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