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Have you noticed that people tend to retell their love story in certain chapters: how they met, the dating period, the proposal, and when they got married. But the engagement stage often gets skipped. Sometimes people view it as the wedding planning stage—those few months that lead up to the big day.

But it’s so much more than that! The engagement stage of a relationship is extra special. It may be one of the shorter chapters, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less memorable or important. It deserves to be remembered as more than a stressful planning phase of your love story.

I hope you’ll savor these sweet months together and make the most of them. Here are a few ideas about how you can enjoy your engagement to the fullest!


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7 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Engagement

Plan a Day Date

Don’t get me wrong, evening dates are great! But if you want to do something out of the norm, try a day date! You could do something fun and easy like a walk through the park, a much-needed coffee break, try a new fitness class together, try your luck at an escape room, visit a museum, or pack a picnic and get some fresh air together. There’s a catch though—you can’t work on wedding planning! Just enjoy each other’s company.

Have an Unplugged Game Night

Use the engagement stage to get to know each other even better. A relaxing game night with some wine (and without your phones) is a fun way to do it. Dig deep into some topics you may not have broached, or spice things up with truth or dare. BRIDES shares their top 20 games for couples here.

Take a Trip Together

Get some R&R or go on a new adventure and discover a new place together. Whether it’s a short weekend trip or an extended getaway vacation, taking trips together will strengthen your bond even more.

Start a New, Shared Hobby

Having something you enjoy together will give your marriage an even stronger foundation. Not only is a shared hobby fun, but you’ll learn more about each other and discover certain qualities you may not have noticed before. Working on a new hobby together might allow your partner to show off their creativity, adventurousness, spontaneity, or problem-solving skills. And they’ll get to see your strengths in action, too! Plus, learning and honing a shared hobby builds teamwork, which will certainly come in handy during marriage!

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If you don’t know where to begin, try one of these couples hobbies:

  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Cycling
  • Home Projects, Renovations, and Design
  • Volunteer/Philanthropic Work
  • Scuba Diving/Snorkeling
  • Dancing
  • Book Club for Two or Follow a Podcast
  • Chess
  • Running/Triathlons/Fitness Training
  • Beer Brewing/Wine Tasting
  • Yoga
  • Geocaching
  • Gardening
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Kayaking
  • Camping

Adopt a Pet

If you’re both animal lovers, make some room for a four-legged friend as you embark on your new life together—adopt a fur baby! Welcoming in a new fuzzy family member will bring you closer together, and caring for a sweet pet will help take your mind off of wedding planning when you need a break.

Take a Premarital Course

An engaging premarital course can help dive into areas about yourselves maybe you didn’t even know about! Whether you want to tackle tricky topics or just learn more about each other in a safe space, a counselor can help guide you through the process in an enlightening way. If you’re intrigued, but seeing someone isn’t your jam, you can find self-paced online courses like Happily Ever After or even apps like Lasting.

Schedule an Engagement Session

Don’t forget to capture this sweet chapter of your story by booking an engagement session. Like Kay and Drew, who did their session at The Highline and Heinz Field, I encourage you to schedule a playful and intimate session at a location that truly reflects you as a couple. I’m here to help! Get in touch with me here to get started planning your personalized session!



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