What to Wear for Engagement Photos | 8 Reasons to Go Neutral

I absolutely loved capturing a piece of Lindsay and Michael’s love story during their engagement photoshoot! They’re two peas in pod—equal parts sweet, kind, and funny. To complement their personality and style, we decided to shoot at Robin Hill Park in Pittsburgh because it offers a variety of gorgeous background choices.

Lindsay and Michael were so perfectly photogenic and really nailed their look (his shoes match her dress!). So, I thought I’d share a sneak peek from their session. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to wear for your engagement photos, you can never go wrong with neutrals! (Unless you both wear matching white button downs—don’t do that. 😉)

what to wear for engagement photos what to wear for engagement photos

When planning your engagement session, it’s important to not only choose a location that provides depth and multiple options for photo composition, but to also think about how your wardrobe will appear in the photos.

I highly recommend neutral outfit colors such as beige, brown, black, white, or navy if you want to elevate your engagement photos for stunning, timeless images you’ll treasure forever. Even light blue and deep green can fall work into the neutral palette with a subtle hint of color (see Lindsay and Michael’s photos below).

Pittsburgh engagement photographer Rachel Wehan Photography

8 Reasons to Wear Neutrals During an Engagement Session

1. Focus on Emotion

Wearing neutral colors during an engagement shoot places more focus more on the couple and the emotions—you can really highlight the relationship rather than make a fashion statement. Colorful outfits or ones that have bright patterns can come the focal point and detract from the couple, which will take away from the connection between the couple.

Don’t get me wrong, I love color! And sometimes it works really well. But for engagement photos, you want to highlight the relationship above all else. Choosing neutrals is a sure way to do that.

what to wear for engagement photos what to wear for engagement photos

2. Avoid Clashing

Neutral colors ensure that the couple won’t clash in the photos. It’s hard to mess up neutrals, and they usually coordinate with any backdrop. For instance, if you are taking photos outside and find a gorgeous spot with lots of colorful flowers, we don’t want to miss out on the opportunity because we’re working around outfits.

what to wear for engagement photos what to wear for engagement photos

3. Create Timeless Images

Neutral colors are also a great choice for photography because they create a fresh and classic look. Your photos will look clean and timeless, perfect for family heirlooms you’ll pass down one day!

Rachel Wehan Photography Rachel Wehan Photography

4. Multi-Purpose

In addition, neutral colors make your photos more versatile because they will work for any occasion or purpose. You can use them for save the dates, wall art, or albums, and you don’t have to worry about matching colors to each event, location, or wall space in your home. A neutral color palette also gives you an elegant look, making the photos perfect for displaying at your upcoming wedding.

Pittsburgh photo locations Robin Hill Park

5. Easy Coordination

Stressed about coordinating outfits with your fiancé? Neutral colors completely eliminate that problem because they all work together seamlessly. Just make sure to complement each other so you aren’t both wearing the same color on top or bottom.

what to wear for engagement photos what to wear for engagement photos

6. Always in Style

When you wear neutral colors, you can rest easy knowing that you are trendy—and classic! Elegant neutrals never go out of style!

what to wear for engagement photos

7. Subtle Contrast

Many people worry that if they wear neutral colors, their photos will look boring; however, there are ways to spice it up! Create contrast with one person wearing dark colors and the other person wearing lighter colors. You could also have one person incorporate a subtle pattern while the other wears solids.

Rachel Wehan Photography

8. Multiple Options

Finally, once you choose a set of outfits, don’t feel tied down to a single option. Feel free to change outfits in the middle of the photoshoot—in fact, I encourage it! Outfit changes offer an entirely new set of options and photos! Maybe go seasonally casual at first and then change it up with more formal attire.

Rachel Wehan Photography

More on What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

Now that you have some ideas for what to wear for your engagement photos, I always tell my clients to never sweat the small stuff. An engagement session should be fun and exciting, as it represents the beginning of your journey together as future spouses. Choosing neutral colored outfits is the easiest way to take the stress out of planning for your session—neutrals are effortlessly sophisticated and photogenic.

For more tips on what to wear for your engagement photos, be sure to check out more posts on the Blog. Or, get in touch with any questions—I’m happy to help!

what to wear for engagement photos

what to wear for engagement photos

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