Unique Wedding Themes: Crafting a Chic, Eclectic Aesthetic

Hey there, lovely couples! Whether you’re newly engaged or knee-deep in wedding plans, I’m thrilled you’re here. Today, I’m diving into one of my absolute favorite wedding themes: the chic, eclectic wedding, like Kaitlyn and Reed’s wedding at Stratford Springs near Oglebay Park in Wheeling, West Virginia. If you’re into mixing and matching, embracing a myriad of colors, and combining unique elements, then this style might just be your jam. Let’s talk about how to pull off an eclectic wedding that’s both stylish and oh-so-you.

What Exactly is an Eclectic Wedding Theme?

First off, an eclectic wedding is all about personality. It’s where your quirks and individual styles shine. The beauty of this theme lies in its diversity—a blend of different textures, patterns, colors, and eras that come together in a beautiful, cohesive way. There are no hard-and-fast rules, which makes it both exciting (and a bit daunting). But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

How to Pull Together a Chic Eclectic Wedding

Mismatched Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Gone are the days when the wedding party had to wear the same attire in the same color. If you’re going for an eclectic vibe, let your party shine in mismatched dresses and outfits. Encourage them to choose gowns in different textures, colors, and lengths! It looks visually stunning and allows each bridesmaid to feel comfortable and confident. Picture a lineup of your besties in shades that range from blush pink to deep emerald, all in varying fabrics like silk, lace, and chiffon. Trust me; your wedding photos will be swoon-worthy!

Bouquets with Floral Variety

When it comes to your wedding bouquets, variety is the spice of life. Think beyond the traditional rose and incorporate a mix of flowers, greenery, and unexpected elements like succulents or wildflowers. The key is to choose blooms in different shapes, sizes, and colors to create loose, whimsical bouquets that feel lush and organic. Imagine holding a bouquet where daisies meet peonies, and eucalyptus mingles with ranunculus. Your flowers will look like they were plucked straight from the garden.

Handwritten Invitation Suites for a Personal Touch

In a digital age, receiving a handwritten invitation feels like a breath of fresh air. For an eclectic wedding, go the extra mile with custom invitation suites that feature hand-written elements. You can mix different fonts and colors, and include some hand-drawn or watercolor illustrations that reflect your wedding theme. These personal touches set the tone for your big day and give your guests a little sneak peek into the eclectic wonderland they’re about to enter.

Mix-and-Match Tablescapes & Table Settings

One of my favorite elements of an eclectic wedding is the tablescape. Imagine tables adorned with a mix of vintage and modern tableware, mismatched plates, and an array of glassware that ranges from delicate crystal to quirky mason jars. Incorporate textured linens and an eclectic mix of centerpieces—think candelabras paired with terrariums or vintage books stacked with floral arrangements. Maybe one table has vintage candlesticks while another features modern geometric vases. 

The trick is to keep a unifying element—a color scheme or a specific type of flower—so everything feels cohesive despite its variety. The goal is to create a dining experience that feels intimate, inviting, and oh-so-stylish. Above all, make sure it speaks to your tastes and personality. This day is a reflection of you, after all!

Bringing It All Together

An eclectic wedding theme allows you to express yourselves fully as a couple. It’s a celebration of individuality and a nod to the beauty of diversity. I can’t stress enough how gorgeous and memorable these weddings are. Your photos will be a treasure trove of unique moments, each telling its own story.

So mix those patterns, play with textures, and let your imaginations run wild. Your wedding should reflect your love and your story; it deserves to be as unique and beautiful as you are.

Looking for the Perfect Pittsburgh Venue for Your Eclectic Wedding?

Pittsburgh is a city rich in character and history, making it the ideal backdrop for an eclectic wedding. From industrial-chic venues in the Strip District to lush garden settings in Oakland, there’s no shortage of locations that can beautifully complement your unique vision. Plus, our city is teeming with talented vendors who can bring your eclectic dreams to life.

As a wedding photographer, I absolutely love capturing the magic of unique, eclectic weddings. They’re always full of surprises and little moments that authentically reflect who you are as a couple. Feel free to reach out if you’re planning your own eclectic wedding and need some inspiration or advice. I’d be thrilled to help you bring your vision to life and capture every beautiful moment of your special day.

Cheers to love, creativity, and celebrating in a way that’s uniquely you! Until next time, happy planning!


Wedding Vendors

Photography: Rachel Wehan Photography | @rachelwehanphotography
Venue: Stratford Springs | @stratfordsprings
Day-of Coordinator: Jeremiah Freeland | 304-650-8004
Photo Booth: Rachel Wehan Photography | @rachelwehanphotography
Flowers: Event Aesthetics | @event.aesthetics
Dress: Vow’d Nashville
Hair & Make-Up: Halo Salon
DJ/Lighting: Plenty Agency
Cake: Fat Apple Bakery
Rentals: All Occasions Rentals | @alloccasions