Winter Engagement: Embracing the Seasons for Emotive Portraits

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, each season brings with it a unique atmosphere and color palette that can enhance your engagement photos and add a distinct vibe. Choosing your photographer wisely and coordinating outfits (like Jess and Ross’s eye-catching black and white ‘fits) are some great first steps toward picture-perfect, fun-and-flirty engagement photos. But a lot of couples forget that they can use the weather or season to their advantage, too! Here’s how you can play up your seasonal outfits and match your photoshoot theme to the weather. Their cozy winter engagement photos were too cute not to share, and I hope they inspire you to embrace the season of your engagement.

How to Leverage Seasonal Ambiance in Your Engagement Photos

Mother Nature, in all her glory, doesn’t always play nice, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be your ally in capturing your unique love story. Let’s explore how you can turn different weather conditions to your advantage. 

Sunny Days Ahead: Spring & Summer Engagement Photos

When it’s sunny and hot, you can embrace the warmth and brightness with matching colors and themes. Opt for lighter, breathable clothes that will keep you cool while still looking stylish. Think flowy sundresses, wide-brim sun hats, chic shades, and playful beachwear for a lakeside engagement shoot. Use props like a vintage parasol or a picnic setup to add dimension to your photos. (Don’t forget to remove wrappers ahead of time for better photos.) Remember to schedule your shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the harsh midday sun and make the best of the golden hour.

Snowball Fights & Fireside Snuggles: Winter Engagement Photos

Instead of shying away from the chilly weather, make the most of a cold, snowy winter! Despite the chill, winter sessions are some of my favorites because I just love all the cozy options we have to play with. (I’m always down for fireside hot cocoa sessions!) Outdoors, the white, snowy backdrop provides a perfect contrast to vibrant, warm colors. You can don tailored winter coats, chunky boots, and scarves. If you’re like me and love winter as long as you’re bundled up, snuggle in close with cozy layers, sweaters, and mittens for a more casual, intimate feel. A snowball fight or making snow angels will add a touch of playfulness and nostalgia to your winter engagement photos.

Welcoming Color: Fall Engagement Photos

It goes without saying fall sessions are always stunning. However, you never know when rain or an unexpected cold front will come through. Autumn offers an array of warm tones we all look forward to year after year. We can use the rich colors to create visually striking engagement photos. Play with earthy tones, burnt orange, deep red, and warm yellow in your outfits to complement the foliage. Take it back to your childhood by throwing leaves in the air or playing touch football on the lawn. End the session by snuggling under a blanket with coffee mugs for a cozy, romantic feel.

What About Rain in the Forecast?

Don’t be let down by a rainy forecast. Rain can add a beautiful, romantic, and dramatic element to your pictures. You can use colorful, funky umbrellas or clear ones to let the rain be a part of your photos. Make the most of the reflections in puddles and the shiny, wet surfaces for a distinct look. And if you’re game, dancing in the rain can make for an unforgettable experience and incredible photos.

Dress the Part

Regardless of the weather and the season, it’s always good to be prepared. I’ll work with you to create an alternative plan in case of unexpected weather changes. Hydrate and apply sunscreen on hot days, bundle up on cold days, and always have a towel and change of clothes for rainy days. (Always dress for the season because your photos may reflect your discomfort–ditch the heels if necessary!)

Pittsburgh Engagement Photos with Rachel Wehan

While the engagement stage goes by in the blink of an eye, this time is so special and sweet. I was there not too long ago myself! I know you’re looking forward to your wedding day, but don’t miss the chance to live in the moment, have some fun, and deepen your connection amid the days of wedding planning and busy lives. I’m here to help you capture your unique love story and your personalities. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and incorporate your own ideas. The weather and the season are just backdrops that can enhance your photos. The focus will always be on the love and connection between you and your partner.

Embracing the weather and making the most of the season can lead to stunning and memorable engagement photos. So, regardless of whether the sun is shining, the snow is falling, or the rain is pouring, with a bit of creativity and planning, you can create beautiful images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.