Finding the Perfect Dress for Your Engagement Photos

Selecting outfits may be the number one frustration with photography sessions. Whether you shop for something new or scour your closet for something you love, it can be a bit tricky to coordinate with your partner, feel comfortable and flattered, and complement your photo locations. If only you could simplify things with a perfectly versatile piece that checks all the boxes. Enter: The Flowy Dress.

Flowy Engagement Photo Dresses

You don’t have to wait until your wedding day or bridal portraits to slip into a gorgeous white dress. It can be fun to go ahead and tie the theme together, beginning with your engagement photos. Even if you plan on wearing something unconventional for your big day, incorporating a flattering, flowy white dress into your engagement session is an excellent choice since it’s neutral and versatile. 

A midi or full-length dress is usually a safe bet for engagement photos. Here are a few reasons I love them:

Flowy engagement photo dresses very versatile and complementary.

Do you ever get jealous of people who can throw something on and head out the door? Me, too. A dress is the answer! Slip it on, add some lip color and a little natural-looking makeup, and you’re ready to go! You can easily add accessories or change your partner’s attire to dress your look up or down in the blink of an eye. Many mid- or full-length dresses can work with both casual and dressy styles, depending on what your partner is wearing. Plus, there’s much less coordinating with neutral colors like white, cream, or earth tones. Almost everything matches, which takes away the guesswork.

They’re ultra-photogenic.

You don’t want to feel like you’re constantly tugging and fixing throughout your session. An A-line dress tailored at the top and flowy at the bottom is typically very comfortable and flattering. You may even find it’s easier to move in a dress than tight pants (the jean struggle is real…). Plus, a dress can cover any areas you’re self-conscious about (if applicable—but there’s certainly no reason to be shy with me!) while showing off those gorgeous curves and legs. When I’m feeling less than my best, a flowy dress always makes me feel confident and beautiful.

A dress adds movement to your images.

If you’re going for a visual storytelling or documentary approach, a flowy dress is a great way to add movement to your photos as it swishes and sways in the breeze. If it’s windy, try a skirt with some weight to it. I just love how Mary’s midi dress added a splash of movement and dimension as they moved around.

Dresses allow for quick changes.

Mary and Mason started their session at Mellon Park and ended with some fun and flirty shots at Studio Manor. Since we had a couple of location and wardrobe changes, it made sense to start with the dress so she could easily slip out of that and into her next outfit without cutting into their session time. We were still at the park for their second outfit, so she could discretely pull on the jeans, add the shirt, switch the shoes, and we were off again.

Where to Shop for Engagement Photo Dresses

If you love the idea of wearing a dress for some of your engagement photos, all that’s left is finding one that makes you feel beautiful. If you aren’t sure where to find the perfect dress for engagement photos, here are a few of my favorites to get you started. These range in style and price, so you’re sure to find one that speaks to you.

Shop for engagement dresses online:

Authentic Style for Authentic Couples

No matter your style, I know you’ll end up rocking your session! Ultimately, be true to yourself and your unique sense of style. First and foremost, your session should reflect you. My tips are available as resources if you’re looking for ideas, and they’re by no means meant to put you in a box. You do you! I can’t wait to see you in front of the lens!

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