Perks of Staying Home for Your Newborn & Family Session

Is there anything cuter than newborn baby photos? Those sleepy smiles and tiny hands make my heart melt every time! I recently had the honor of visiting Alyssa and Jared’s home to take family photos with their adorable newborn baby and loyal pup, Ace. The pictures turned out beautifully, in part because they opted for a casual, cozy in-home newborn session. As a Pittsburgh lifestyle photographer, I often encourage families to do family lifestyle sessions since the familiar setting helps everyone feel more relaxed with fewer distractions. On the fence between a studio newborn session and a newborn lifestyle session? Both are great, but here are a few in-home perks to consider: 

8 In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session Perks


Sometimes, it can be a bit of a struggle to find the perfect photoshoot location. First, you have to choose a photogenic yet comfortable spot, and then you have to check the weather or traffic and hope there aren’t many other people in your background. But you don’t have to worry about any of that if you stay home. You can skip the packing checklist and travel needs, too, with everything right at your fingertips (which is nice just a week or two postpartum!) All you have to do is choose your outfits, consider a little hair and makeup TLC (I can recommend a stylist if you don’t want to do it yourself), and I can handle the rest!

Relaxed Atmosphere 

With an in-home session, you can feel relaxed in your own home. It’s comfortable, and everyone is familiar with their surroundings. Some families feel a bit awkward and stiff in front of the camera at first, so any way that you can make everyone feel at ease will make the process easier (especially as you’re still getting used to all the changes that come with a new baby)!

Time for Breaks

When you are at home, you are not tied down to a strict schedule. You have plenty of time at home to take breaks, especially if your newborn gets fussy or hungry. 

Easy Outfit Changes

There is no need to pack up multiple outfits during an in-home session! Simply have your outfits laid out, and then change whenever it is time to move on to the next set of photos. Being at home makes it so much easier if your newborn baby spits up or has a diaper situation. You can change outfits or switch up your style in the comfort of your own home, too.

Simple Baby Feeding

We all know that babies let you know loud and clear when they’re hungry! With an in-home shoot, you have everything to feed your newborn right there, and your baby will feel safe in a familiar environment (and you’ll probably feel more comfortable, too). 

Fewer Distractions

While having photoshoots in different locations can produce gorgeous photos, some also can come with distractions, like loud cars driving by, birds chirping, chatty bystanders, and changing weather. Your little one will feel safe and sleepy at home in familiar surroundings. This is a brand-new world that they have yet to explore, but we don’t want our newborns to feel overwhelmed too quickly. A photography studio will work well, too, but everyone tends to feel more at ease when you stick to your normal routine and surroundings during this early newborn stage.

Make Memories Together

Another perk of an in-home photoshoot is that it’s in YOUR home! Photographing here makes the photos extra special because you can create even more memories in the place you love the most. If you move later, you’ll still have these memories of the home where your family began.

Incorporate Your Pets

Sometimes taking our pets to new locations can be challenging, but we still want them included in the family photoshoot! Staying home solves that problem. Your pet will feel safe and at ease posing for photos around your beautiful home. They’re free to roam about their house, and you don’t have the added pressure of keeping up with a pet.

Book Your Newborn Lifestyle Session

As parents of newborns, I know you must be so exhausted! But we still want to capture these precious moments to treasure forever. An in-home photoshoot is the perfect way to help everyone feel comfortable while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Congratulations parents! I am so happy for your growing family!

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