Engagement Photo Ideas | 4 Ways to Add Variety to Your Session

Scoot over Emma Stone—these two could do a modern remake of 101 Dalmatians. Between their adorable polka-dot pups, the park bench scene, and too-cute-for-words romance, this session has it all. From casual park portraits to urban scenes and romantic rooftops, I loved every minute of this eclectic engagement session. Now, Payton and Luke have a variety of photos to choose from for any occasion or purpose. If you’re looking for engagement photo ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Engagement sessions are not only a chance to showcase your love for one another and celebrate the engagement period, but they are also the photos you’ll be using for save the dates, wedding websites, frames, albums, wall décor—and more! Your engagement session may even be some of the first professional photos you have together. To give you a wide range of beautiful photos to choose from, here are a few tips to add variety to your engagement session.

4 Engagement Photo Ideas to Add Variety to Your Session

Include Your Pets

Bringing your fur-babies into your shoot is a great way to make your photos more personalized. Having pets can help you feel at ease and let loose more than you would otherwise. They also tend to have a mind of their own and provide lots of laughs and sweet candid shots! (You may consider dropping them off at home or having a friend take them for a walk while you finish the session.)

Bring Props or Accessories

Nothing says, “Celebrate!” quite like the *POP *of a champagne bottle! Adding in things like a champagne toast, sunglasses, an umbrella, or a hat make for fun and offbeat photos. Planning a fall or winter engagement session? Check out this post for other prop and engagement photo ideas.

Switch Up Locations

Taking photos in two or more diverse locations is a great way to switch up the vibes of your engagement shoot. A park can provide the perfect backdrop for casual, flirty and playful pictures. On the opposite side of the spectrum, downtown city streets offer an urban ambiance for stunning romantic and sophisticated photos. This Melon Square rooftop offered the perfect sunset light for glowing engagement photos.

Wardrobe Change

Another way to play with contrasting aesthetics during your engagement shoot is changing your outfits. For example, your first outfit might reflect your personalities and everyday style for authentic photos, while your second outfit may take things to the next level with something more formal or elegant—Payton looked stunning in her long white dress. Even something as simple as restyling your hair can make for a very different look! Payton tied her hair up at the end of this session, and it really accentuated her facial features and neckline. When she wore her hair down, it infused extra movement and energy into their portraits. 

Need More Engagement Photo Ideas?

If you want to make the most of your session, work with me to curate an eclectic collection of photos to pull from for any purpose or occasion. Check out my Instagram and blog for more inspiration!