Mt Lebanon Engagement Photographer | 5 Benefits of Multiple Photo Locations

Sometimes, all you need to inspire a photo session is a location change! There is something about changing it up that adds a creative boost to keep the romance and fun going. A few months ago, I had the honor of shooting Elle and Dan’s engagement session. From the moment I met them, I could see their spark, and I couldn’t wait to capture their love story from behind my camera! The couple wanted a variety of styles and ambiance, so we decided to shoot in two locations—their beautiful home and a few of their favorite spots along the Mt Lebanon Strip. This gave them multiple outfit options and a different feel in each location for a diverse collection of engagement photos. The locations and outfits may have changed, but the photogenic chemistry between them did not, and I loved every minute of it!

5 Benefits of Using Multiple Locations in Your Photoshoot

More Variety

Choosing two locations for your photoshoot provides more variety in your photos. It is almost as if you booked two sessions in one, and you end up getting more bang for your buck. Try to make each location its own experience so that you can have photos for your home and photos to put on your engagement announcements! 

Note: We can make the most of our time by limiting the commute. I can help you find two distinct locations in close proximity to each other. Elle and Dan live near the Mt Lebanon Strip, so we decided to do an in-home set first and then then bop around town to finish out their session with a sunset!

Different Vibes

Each location can have a different feeling or ambiance if you would like. Elle and Dan started out in their home for a comfortable and casual session of photos. Then, they wanted a contrasting session where they got dressed up and for photos at one of their favorite outdoor locations. When your two locations have different vibes, you’ll have an eclectic variety of styles and scenes. 

More Photos to Use

That said, when you shoot at multiple locations, you’ll have more photo options to choose from for wall art, albums, and photo products. You don’t want a group of nine photos that all look similar. Instead, add some variety by switching up the looks, locations, and poses. You’ll be so happy with a larger selection of photos to choose from!

Boosts Creativity

Time to get creative! How can you make the two photoshoot locations look different and unique while maintaining a consistent photography style? First, try switching up your outfits. If you dressed casually in the first location, try dressing up for the second spot. Maybe your dog would like to join you at one location? Or maybe you have always dreamed of a costume or themed photo session? Whatever you decide to do to differentiate the locations, just have fun with it!

More Fun

Photoshoots don’t have to be serious or overly posed. They are meant to be fun! Use this occasion to capture the special connection you have! Make the photoshoot locations places that you enjoy visiting. You could start out with a playful lakeshore session and then plan a romantic picnic in the woods nearby. Don’t shy away from showing your personalities and what makes you unique as a couple.

Book Your Mt Lebanon Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Using two locations for your engagement photoshoot gives you so many benefits! You basically get two sessions for the price of one, so take advantage of it! Your engagement is such a precious time in your lives, and these photos will help you to treasure and remember this short-but-sweet stage. Congratulations to you both! I can’t wait to help you plan out your engagement photoshoot locations! Get in touch here to start planning.

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